Acquiring Metatron

Step 1:

Downloading and Installing Innerspace

Innerspace is how Metatron interacts with the EVE Online client so you must first download and install Innerspace to your PC. Innerspace is paid software, but you can start with a 7 day free trial to make sure that Innerspace and Metatron are right for you. Innerspace offers a bunch of other cool features you can take advantage of as well, like advanced multi-boxing capabilities!

Step 2:

Downloading and Installing ISXEVE

ISXEVE is an extension for Innerspace that allows Metatron to interact with EVE Online specifically. It is the tool that allows Metatron to know exactly what your character is doing so it can determine what it needs to do next. ISXEVE is provided by isxGames and is also paid software. Be sure to also checkout the many other excellent bots that ISXEVE makes possible!

Step 3:

Downloading and Installing Metatron

Now you’re ready to download Metatron! Click the button below and run the installer. It will autodetect the correct folder to install to.

After Installation:

Start by launching EVE via Innerspace. Once you are in game, you can start the bot by typing “dotnet Metatron” into the console (default ~)

Join the Discord to get support, get notified of important updates, and hang out with cool people

Checkout the Metatron configuration guide to see how it all works