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Create Salvage Bookmarks

When this option is enabled Metatron will create salvage bookmarks after clearing combat sites.

Wait for Relay Safety Report

This option determines whether a dedicated salvager will wait for another bot to tell it each site is safe before flying to the bookmark to begin salvaging. Both missioner mode and ratting mode will report safe sites to the salvager. You must ensure that both the missioner/ratter bot and salvager bot have access to the same bookmarks folder that is defined below. When this option is disabled, salvagers will operate independently and will fly to any site that matches the “Salvage” label under Bookmark settings. Please note that Metatron cannot create this folder for you, you must create it yourself. It can be a Shared folder or a Personal folder.

Salvage After Combat Assist

This determines whether combat assist mode will attempt to loot/salvage after each fight. Leave disabled if you would prefer to do this yourself.

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