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  • Ignore 4hr Decline Timer
    With this enabled, Metatron will always decline blacklisted missions without concern for the standings cooldown timer.
  • Run these Types
    Which types of missions Metatron should run during the session. It is recommended to only have one of these selected at any time. Metatron is not (yet) able to change ships, so doing a courier mission in a marauder might not be the best idea.
  • Avoid lowsec missions
    Metatron will decline any mission that occurs in lowsec. It is strongly recommended to leave this on.
  • Mining mission types
    Which ore Metatron should attempt to mine during mining missions.
  • Factions to kill
    Which factions to kill during encounter missions. Empire is the main faction empires (Gallente, Caldari, Minmatar, Amarr), while Pirate is anything else (Drones, Sansha’s Nation, etc.)
  • Storyline Missions
    Whether or not Metatron will attempt to do storyline missions, and if it should chain courier missions or not. Metatron will only do storyline missions that match the type of mission currently selected.
  • Agents
    Which agents to run missions for. Agents are sorted by priority, with the first agent in the list being the first one to have missions done. If a decline timer forces it to move on, it will move down the list in order. When all agents have been exhausted, it will wait until they become available again.
  • Research Agents
    Coming soon…
  • Mission Blacklist
    Enter the name of a mission here to force Metatron to skip it. Please note that some missions are included in this list by default, including all of the Anomic missions.
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