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Config Profiles

This section allows you to manage your various saved configuration profiles. Each configuration profile saves its settings independently of the others, so you can setup as many different ones as you like.

Configuration Profiles are not compatible with ISBoxer

ISBoxer takes over the window management from Windows and prevents Metatron from being able to launch new configurations properly. When using ISBoxer, only loading and saving configuration files is supported.

Active Behavior

This section determines what Metatron will actually do. The available options are:

  • Mining: Mine Asteroids/Ice in Belts or at bookmarks
  • Hauling: Move items from a point in space to a drop-off point
  • Ratting: Move between belts or anomalies and clear the site before moving on
  • Missioning: Run nearly every mission automatically
  • Boost Orca: Provide boosts to a fleet in an Orca/Porpoise/Rorqual
  • Freighting: Haul items between stations/structures
  • Combat assist: Run combat logic but leave navigation up to the player. Perfect for wormhole sites!
  • Dedicated Salvager: Flies to each bookmark matching the “Salvage” label (under Bookmarks) and clears the site of wrecks.


Disable various in-game graphics options

  • 3D Render: All 3D graphics are turned off
  • Texture Loading: Textures do not load but 3D models remain loaded
  • UI Render: Disables the in-game user-interface


Combining all of these allows you to minimize resource usage while botting

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