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Here you can blacklist or whitelist individual pilots, corporations, and alliances. You can select which type of entity to bypass using the radial buttons in the bottom right corner of the window. Once you select a radial the “Pilot Cache” box will populate with the appropriate type of entity as requested. You can then click the relevant button under “+ Whitelist” and “+ Blacklist” to add the entity to the black/whitelist. To remove an entity from the list, select them in the list and then click the “X” button.

Pilot Cache

The pilot cache is where every pilot that you characters come across is saved for white/blacklisting purposes. It populates automatically while the bot is running, although you can also manually add specific pilots to the cache using the “Manually Add Entry” button. Note that you’ll need the character’s ID to do this.

The pilot cache will ONLY populate while the Metatron is running. If you’re setting up for the first time, start the bot in “Combat Assist” mode while docked in a station to allow the cache to populate while you edit your lists. This will ensure the bot does not try to perform any logic.

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