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  • Run on Low Tank: Metatron will flee when shields/armor is low
  • Minimum Armor: The minimum amount of armor before fleeing
  • Minimum Shield: The minimum amount of shield before fleeing (set to 0 to enable armor tanking)
  • Resume Shield: The amount that Metatron will wait for shields to regen before starting again

Misc. Defensive

  • Run on low capacitor: Will flee when capacitor is low
  • Run on Low Ammo: Will flee when equipped ammo is running out
  • Minimum Cap: Metatron will flee when below this amount
  • Resume cap: Metatron will restart when above this amount
  • Run on Low Drones: Metatron will flee when it reaches this amount of drones in bay (Make sure your drones are unstacked)
  • Run when target jammed: Metatron will flee when target jammed
  • Run on Blacklisted/Non-Whitelisted Pilot (See White/Blacklists)
  • Wait after fleeing: If Metatron needs to run away, it will wait for this amount of time at a minimum before restarting.


Metatron is capable of detecting the standings of pilots in Local and can act upon them. To enable this, check the box for the type of standing you want to detect (it is recommend to not mix and match) and enter the minimum standing value into the relevant checkbox. 

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