Here you can blacklist or whitelist individual pilots, corporations, and alliances. You can select which type of entity to bypass using the radial buttons in the bottom right corner of the window. Once you select a radial the “Pilot Cache” box will populate with the appropriate type of entity as requested. You can then click […]


Tanking Run on Low Tank: Metatron will flee when shields/armor is low Minimum Armor: The minimum amount of armor before fleeing Minimum Shield: The minimum amount of shield before fleeing (set to 0 to enable armor tanking) Resume Shield: The amount that Metatron will wait for shields to regen before starting again Misc. Defensive Run […]


Config Profiles This section allows you to manage your various saved configuration profiles. Each configuration profile saves its settings independently of the others, so you can setup as many different ones as you like. Configuration Profiles are not compatible with ISBoxer ISBoxer takes over the window management from Windows and prevents Metatron from being able […]


Metatron is capable of speaking audio alerts through your computer speakers when specific events happen. The alerts will include the character’s name as well as the type of event. This page allows you to disable any of all of these alerts.

Max Runtime

Max Runtime Use Max Runtime: Metatron will safely stop running after this threshold has been reached. It will finish whatever task it is currently doing and then dock before stopping. Resume after waiting: Metatron will resume after this period of time, after it has hit the max runtime quota. Use both of these options to […]


Here you can control the settings for the various hauling modes (Hauling/Freighting/Salvaging). In general, you will only need to enter the bookmark label for the destination you would like to use, however other options are available if you prefer. You can also customize the threshold that Metatron will consider “full cargo”. This number is in […]


Bounce Warping Coming Soon… Propulsion modules Minimum Cap %: Determines the point where Metatron will turn off the propulsion modules Resume Cap %: Determines the point where Metatron will turn prop mods back on Propulsion modules will always run while in motion unless capacitor needs are unmet for other modules as determined by these percentages. […]


Here you can adjust whether Metatron will rat at belts or anomalies, and which sites it should attempt to run. By default, the ratting mode will run belts unless the “Run Cosmic Anomalies” box is selected with at least one type anomaly.


Ignore 4hr Decline TimerWith this enabled, Metatron will always decline blacklisted missions without concern for the standings cooldown timer. Run these TypesWhich types of missions Metatron should run during the session. It is recommended to only have one of these selected at any time. Metatron is not (yet) able to change ships, so doing a […]